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Our Mesa Neighborhood Inc

OMNI is a community organization to support and promote our wonderful Mesa neighborhood. OMNI's goals and objectives are always to promote the interest, general welfare, and quality of life for everyone in our community. OMNI supports grassroots community organizing through Street Teams. Street Teams promote group activities among close neighbors that create and strengthen the community. OMNI supports community projects… Read More


Our Mesa Neighborhood is a community organization working to help build and maintain our thriving Mesa community!

We want you to be a member and we’re working on making that easier – you can now sign up online through PayPal.

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Where is the Mesa?

FOR PURPOSES of city planning, Santa Barbara has designated three areas for the Mesa neighborhood: the Alta Mesa, the West Mesa and the East Mesa. Alta Mesa (meaning “high mesa”), is an area of about 651 acres, whose topography varies from rolling to steep. Except for the steep hills on its northern side zoned A-1 and A-2, Alta Mesa is almost entirely E-1 for public use commonly issuing permits for lot sizes of 15K square feet. This development trend eventually tapered down to smaller standard subdivisions with improved regulations on grading and lot sizes...Read More