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Dear Local Community Member,

This city formed into a new district-based election system, leaving opportunities for each neighborhood to connect and build a more cohesive unifying voice. We know that each neighborhood is unique, and as such, each community within it holds its own issues, its own unique values, and its own resources. We also know that there are many untold stories that show resilience in diverse communities. We need to have a place where we could share these stories and show that true value of our people.

Because of this, we are proud to announce a partnership with the Mesa Paper in order to launch publications for each Majority-Minority community that are fully bilingual. The Mesa Paper is unique because, the once a month print, brings that district together. Like the Mesa Paper, these papers are      individualized to the meet the characteristics of each district. Each paper is also published monthly and written by community members within each neighborhood.

We hope to establish a partnership with you. As a Writer, a Memorandum of Understanding would ask you to do the following:

  •  Provide written articles of community education materials, on a monthly basis, by the Friday prior to the last week of each month.
  •  You would submit all materials in English / Spanish for print.


  • We would print your articles within the Paper you request.
  •  We would establish a relationship with you, in order to send reminders of deadlines, and help your entity with digital placement support.
  •  We would provide you with training and the necessary skills you would need in order to properly and professionally print an article in any one of the neighborhood papers.
  •  We could provide professional translation of any of your educational materials, with an interpretation fee, if you do not have the resources to professionally translate materials, flyers, or articles.

We thank you for the partnership and for your work with providing educational materials to each diverse community. This publication is yours. We honor each untold story you bring to light.


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